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Heritage conservation is a priority for Lake Country

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December 10, 2012
Heritage conservation is a priority for Lake Country

Lake Country, BC – The District of Lake Country has started a value-based heritage management approach.  A Heritage Values Workshop report released this week recognizes that the age of a site is not its most valuable asset; instead, it is what a place says about the social, spiritual and cultural values of a community at a particular time which should be conserved.

On May 26, 2012 the District of Lake Country and the Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society held a heritage workshop facilitated by Provincial Heritage Branch staff. Part of the province’s mandate is to build capacity at the local government level so that communities can better manage historic places within their jurisdiction.

“The focus of the workshop was to gather local knowledge about what major factors and processes influenced the District of Lake Country’s heritage resources and make it the vibrant community it is today,” said Steve Schaffrick, Director of Community & Customer Services. “With a wide variety of community stakeholders participating in the workshop, the District gained a better understanding of what parts of the community people value most.”

“The workshop inspired some great discussion on community identity,” said Shannon Jorgenson, Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society.  “It was a terrific opportunity to celebrate the things that make Lake Country unique.”

The one‐day workshop brought community stakeholders together to identify heritage values and begin to identify historic places and what should be conserved. From there, decisions can be made on how to best conserve places that the community identifies as embodying heritage values and how to respond to these values in planning for the future development of the District of Lake Country. The workshop enabled the District to learn from the past to plan for the future.  This is the first step towards informing the development of a heritage conservation program for Lake Country.  The District, along with the Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society, will now be working on a list of key sites that will be presented to Council for further action and identification.

A copy of the Heritage Values Workshop Report and photos of the workshop event are available at by clicking on the Quick Link for Heritage.

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For more information contact:
Steve Schaffrick, Director of Community & Customer Services, District of Lake Country
Tel 250-766-5650 or

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