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Waste & Recycling schedule change next week

To improve customer service throughout the District of Lake Country, OK Environmental Waste Systems Ltd is making some adjustments to their current curbside collection schedule. Approximately 3800 homes will be affected by a collection day change, a recycle week change or a combination of both.  Notices were stuck on waste receptacles and doors Monday, January 7th to notify households of the change taking place the week of January 14th.

The new collection routes take into account the load capacity of the vehicles, bin density, the utilization of a dual commodity split body truck as well a future growth in the community. Collecting in Lake Country three times a week allows the contractor to accommodate for late put outs, missed calls, and call backs. The rural nature of Lake Country also allows OK Environmental Waste Systems to utilize a split body truck to collect 2 commodities at the same time. By spreading the collection time over a 3-day period and using a split body truck they are able to minimize unnecessary truck traffic and reduce carbon emissions by 25%.

For more information please visit and click on ‘My Collection Day’ or click on the map below.

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