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Motorhome and structure fire in Lake Country under investigation

Lake Country Fire Department (LCFD) was called out at 12:40am to a large motorhome fire that had transferred to the nearby carport and attic space of a home on Lang Court in Lake Country.

Kudos to the neighbours that noticed the fire, called 911 and ensured that everyone got out of the home and surrounding homes.

LCFD teams did a primary search to ensure everyone was out and 18 firefighters got involved in attacking the fire within the attic space using the resources of three engine companies and one water tender in addition to command vehicles.  A nearby BC Hydro distribution pole had live wires arcing at the south corner of the structure fire property; and once BC Hydro crews cut the electrical supply the area was quickly extinguished.  LCFD firefighters placed tarps within the home to attempt to prevent as much damage as possible from the water utilized to extinguish the fire.

Neighbours also helped with knocking down a hedge fire at a nearby property, allowing the fire crews to concentrate on the main structure fire.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.  LCFD is aiding the RCMP with site samples for testing to determine factors involved in igniting the fire.  A conclusive determination may take some time.

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