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Bottom Wood Lake Road restoration and active transportation project kicks off with a Neighbourhood Info Meeting June 9, 2014

Bottom Wood Lake Road Restoration and Active Transportation project consists of construction of approximately 1600m of road restoration on Bottom Wood Lake Road (from Lodge Rd to Woodsdale Rd).  Some of the project highlights discussed at a Public Information Meeting on site June 9th are as follows:

  • Improvement to renew and widen the road surface providing bike lanes on both sides and a pedestrian pathway along the eastern side of the road. Project will also include street lighting installed by BC Hydro on the existing hydro poles, bus stops at Mayrus and by the wildlife preserve and pedestrian activated lights crossing Woodsdale.
  • Project construction scheduled over the summer months starting June 23rd. Project to be substantially complete prior to the first day of school.
  • Project Budget is $1,300,000.

Residents of the area are thanked in advance for patience with the inconvenience of road works.  Signage and hand distributed notices will advise neighbours of the project impacts.

At the Public Information Meeting June 9th, neighbours were introduced to the consulting Engineering Firm (Focus) as well as the construction team (Pyramid Excavation Corp.) site superintendent and project manager.   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the responsible individuals in the following order:

Pyramid Excavation Corporation

Site Superintendent:                     Brad Cruickshank             250-808-8043

Project Manager:                             Pat Adkin                            250-808-8052


Focus Engineering

Site Inspector                                 Owen Morton                   778-214-2889

Contract Administrator                Rob Fortuin                        250-212-1955


District of Lake Country

Director of Infrastructure Services           Greg Buchholz   250-766-6677






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