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New App Makes Dog License Renewal Quick and Easy

It’s easier for dog owners in the Central Okanagan to save when they purchase or renew their dog license for 2017.  And renewing can be quicker than ever!

my-dog-matters-app-on-phone-img_2307That’s thanks to the ‘My Dog Matters’ App created for the Regional District of Central Okanagan.  The App is believed to be the first developed for local governments in Canada and brings the opportunity to renew a dog license right to an owner’s mobile device.

Any dog owner with a current license who has provided their email address has received a welcome email that provides information on how they can download the ‘My Dog Matters’ App for free at the Google and iTunes app stores.  They can also go online with their favourite web browser and download the App.

Approximately 19,000 dog owners in the Central Okanagan have licensed their pet and are now able to access the free App—that’s over 23,000 dogs that are licensed in the Central Okanagan.

Not only does it allow them to renew their license for 2017, but the App also contains their digital ‘My Dog Matters’ Reward Program card. Showing it at more than 50 participating businesses gives dog owners special discounts and services. Those with the new App can easily check participating retailer’s offers.

Of course, dog licenses can be renewed or new licenses purchased anytime online at Dog owners may also renew in person at the RDCO office in Kelowna, the Regional Dog Pound (890 Weddell Place), at any local government office or the Kelowna branch of the SPCA.

mdm-app-main-screenSome dog owners have given early positive reviews to the new App including:  “Excellent, this is awesome.”, “Great ideas and service.” and “This makes licensing so easy.”

Communication Officer Bruce Smith says, “We’ve been working for the past few years to make dog licensing as easy and convenient as possible.  This is especially good news for those owners who want to use electronic devices to renew, or who might head south early each year and are concerned about renewing their license before the February 28th deadline.   Now, with the’ My Dog Matters’ App, they can do it right on their mobile device or renew online through the Regional District website.”  This makes it easier for the Regional District to communicate directly with licensed dog owners, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars in mailing costs.

February 28th is the last day for license renewals and new license purchases at the discounted rate of $20 for a dog that’s spayed or neutered and $60 if it isn’t.  Starting March 1st owners renewing or purchasing a new license pay the regular fee of $40 for dogs that are spayed/neutered and $80 if not.

There’s plenty of information available about dog licensing and Responsible Dog Ownership in the Central Okanagan.  Check out for information about the Regional Dog service and what to do if you lose or find a dog.




Bruce Smith
Communications Officer

Top 10 Reasons to License Your Dog

  1. Public safety — provides service to our community 24/7, including investigation of dog attacks and protection from dangerous dogs.
  2. License fees contribute to the operation of the Dog Pound so that food, shelter and veterinary care can be provided for lost and homeless dogs 365 days a ye
  3. License fees supports the Central Okanagan SPCA spay and neuter program, public education initiatives and dog adoption services.
  4. It is easy to reunite a dog if it gets away—contact information is on file, and a dog will spend less time at the Pound.
  5. It provides a one-time free ride home, just in case a dog does get out.
  6. An owner renewing or purchasing a new license during January and February receives a $20 discount off the regular license fees of $40 (spayed/neutered) $80 (not spayed/neutered)
  7. Licensed dog owners receive a ‘My Dog Matters’ rewards card that can be used for discounts and special services at more than 50 local businesses listed on the program website. This can help offset the annual cost of a license.
  8. If an owner moved to the Central Okanagan and has a current dog license with another BC local government, a Central Okanagan license will be provided at no charge for the remainder of the current year.
  9. RDCO Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw 1343 requires all dogs to be licensed.
  10. Accurate statistics help local governments plan for services such as leashed and unleashed dog parks.

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