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Evacuation Order and Alerts RESCINDED but community still on Flood Watch

Tuesday, May 16th all Evacuation Orders and Evacuation Alerts in Lake Country were RESCINDED.  But the community still continues on Flood Watch.  

With water levels at record highs and snow remaining in the high elevation watersheds, the potential for flooding due to rain, wind or warm temperatures is still a risk. These conditions for area lakes and creeks are expected to last well into June.

All existing sandbags should be left in place. Lakeside residents should keep debris in place along the shore to barricade against rising waters and wave activity and guard against erosion.

Our neighbours to the south at Holiday Park Resort on Commonwealth Rd and IR#7 in Kelowna are still on Evacuation Order.  

Boaters be slow

Boaters are reminded that lake levels are high and they should watch for floating debris as a significant amount has been flowing down streams and into area lakes. Boaters should also keep their distance from shorelines and if possible keep speeds down as additional wave action could cause disturbance to banks and beaches.

Rescinded Evacuations Orders in Lake Country include 11019 Bottom Wood Lake Road (includes property signed as 11039 Bottom Wood Lake Road).

Rescinded Evacuation Alerts in Lake Country include:

  • 11080 Bottom Wood Lake Road
  • 11110 Bottom Wood Lake Road
  • 11124 Bottom Wood Lake Road
  • 11136 Bottom Wood Lake Road
  • 11152 Bottom Wood Lake Road
  • 11166 Bottom Wood Lake Road
  • 11180 Bottom Wood Lake Road
  • 11194 Bottom Wood Lake Road
  • 11218 Bottom Wood Lake Road
  • 11039 Deldor Road
  • 11087 Deldor Road
  • 11109 Deldor Road
  • 11121 Deldor Road
  • 11131 Deldor Road
  • 11141 Deldor Road
  • 11151 Deldor Road
  • 11165 Deldor Road
  • 11225 Deldor Road
  • 3186 Mayrus Road
  • 3010 Reimche Road
  • 3050 Reimche Road
  • 3090 Reimche Road
  • 1-3091 Reimche Road
  • 3115 Reimche Road
  • 3118 Reimche Road
  • 101-3155 Reimche Road
  • 102-3155 Reimche Road
  • 103-3155 Reimche Road
  • 104-3155 Reimche Road
  • 105-3155 Reimche Road
  • 106-3155 Reimche Road
  • 107-3155 Reimche Road
  • 108-3155 Reimche Road
  • 109-3155 Reimche Road
  • 110-3155 Reimche Road
  • 111-3155 Reimche Road
  • 112-3155 Reimche Road
  • 113-3155 Reimche Road
  • 114-3155 Reimche Road
  • 115-3155 Reimche Road
  • 116-3155 Reimche Road
  • 117-3155 Reimche Road
  • 118-3155 Reimche Road
  • 119-3155 Reimche Road
  • 120-3155 Reimche Road
  • 121-3155 Reimche Road
  • 11326 Reimche Road
  • 11610 Rogers Road
  • 11656 Seymour Road
  • 11668 Seymour Road
  • 11680 Seymour Road
  • Seymour Road (PID 017-705-339)
  • 11511 Turtle Bay Court
  • 11531 Turtle Bay Court
  • 11571 Turtle Bay Court
  • 11591 Turtle Bay Court
  • 3118 Wageman Road
  • 3151 Wageman Road
  • 3041 Woodsdale Road
  • 3081 Woodsdale Road
  • 3091 Woodsdale Road
  • 3110 Woodsdale Road
  • Beaver Lake Road from Main Street to Bottom Wood Lake Road
  • Bottom Wood Lake Road from Berry Road to Lodge Road
  • Lodge Road to/from roundabout to Meadow Road
  • 3193 Hill Road (Kangaroo Creek Farm)
  • 10163 Konchuh Road
  • All of Meadow Road
  • Pawley Court
  • Taiji Court
  • Bottom Wood Lake Road – All the way to the lake
  • Brun Road
  • Rolyat Road
  • Redekop Road
  • Reiswig Road
  • Jeider Road
  • Woodsdale Road from trial thru to Woodsdale Court
  • Clement Road
  • Rogers Road
  • Seymour Road
  • Turtle Bay Court
  • 2930 Woodsdale Road (Wood Lake RV Park and Marina)
  • 2850 Woodsdale Road (Turtle Bay Pub)
  • 11871 Hwy 97

Residents no longer under order or alert, may continue to experience increasing lake and ground water levels and should leave flood preparations in place.

Information on returning home after a flood

The Preparedness BC website has information to help those property owners with protecting their property from flooding and some considerations for those returning after a flood. Check out the homeowner handbook at:

Interior Health also has information available for residents to consider before, during and after a flood, available at:

Information on flooding and electrical safety is also available for BC Hydro and FortisBC customers at and respectively.

All other Evacuation Orders and Alerts remain in effect. Visit and search by address to determine if you or someone you know if under alert or order.

Conserve water & reduce sanitary sewer system strain

Residents of the Central Okanagan are reminded to conserve water, and not irrigate lawns or gardens. If pumping water from homes or property, pump onto the street, yard or into the storm drain system (grates on the street). Do not pump into the sanitary sewer system, doing so could cause water treatment facilities to become overtaxed.

Stay up-to-date

To view the most up to date information, and locations of sand and sandbags, go to and check out the latest updates and maps.


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