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What is happening with Barkley Road?

After the significant erosion on Barkley Road and its closure in May, it might seem that everyone has forgotten about it and nothing is being done to get that road back in operation.

Both Engineering Technician Matthew Salmon and Roads Superintendent Aron Chatten have spent considerable time on site on Barkley Rd in the past month working with contracted roads engineering specialists on an appropriate solution.  So far, this is what has been going on: 

  • Geotechnical experts and engineers have met several times on site to evaluate the erosion and come up with a long term solution (not just an immediate ‘fix’ to take away the inconvenience which wouldn’t address long term use and public safety);
  • The water is still flowing
  • A design is almost complete and cost estimates are pending this week
  • The plan is to get the solution out to tender within the next two weeks for construction in July (subject to contractor availability – contractors have their full season’s worked booked and everyone is also stretched taking on extra work responding to flood impacts throughout the Okanagan)
  • In the interest of public safety and fiscal responsibility, we must go through all the regular processes for engineered roadworks , however while we are currently operating in a state of emergency, there is some ability to speed the application process as this work fits within the “response”.

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