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Coral Beach Boat Launch now OPEN

The Okanagan Lake water level at Coral Beach in Carr’s Landing has gone down enough to see the dock and the boat launch is OPEN again.

Boaters are reminded to be respectful of the No Wake/Low Wake zones along the shoreline so flood protection measures on properties and structures are not damaged. The lake is still a half metre ABOVE full pool, so it’s got a ways to go before we can get back to regular boating and water activities. 

  • Lakes levels are still high and will be for the foreseeable future. Boaters should use caution and minimize speeds close to the shoreline to minimize erosion from waves and watch for floating debris and submerged docks. See the interactive map for no wake and low wake zones and respectful boating guidelines.
  • There are a number of wake-free options to enjoy Okanagan lakes.
  • Boat launches and waterfront parks and trails may be impacted. 

Swimmers and boaters should still be cautious of the debris in the water and along the shore that is being moved about by the waves. Be safe and have fun.

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