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Public Art Call 2017: Art Birdhouses Sculptures

The Lake Country Public Art Commission is issuing an Artist Call for artists to submit proposals for art birdhouse sculptures to be installed in a space between Berry Road and the Dairy Queen in Lake Country.

Description of the Public Art Project

The Public Art Commission has completed phase one of transforming the small space at the corner of Highway 97 and Berry Road, just north of the Dairy Queen in Lake Country by installing six birdhouse sculptures.  The Public Art Commission is now moving on to the second phase, which will consist of installing another six birdhouse sculptures.


Criteria of the Art Birdhouse Sculptures

Using the basic concept of a birdhouse, but not being restricted by it, such as size, or the need to actually accommodate birds, artists are invited to create large, unique and intriguing birdhouse sculptures.

The following requirements must be met.  The sculptures need to:

— be large in order to be seen from a distance, minimum dimension is five feet

— be constructed in a manner that ensures stability and durability.

— be made of materials that will make the sculptures as weather proof as possible.

— be attached to one or more poles, of a size appropriate for the size and weight of the sculpture.

— be complete and ready for installation.

— be creative and original



Submit a written proposal for the sculpture, including details and a drawing of the sculpture. Artists may submit more than one proposal.  The artists whose designs are selected will then enter into a contract with the District of Lake Country prior to proceeding with the creation and installation of the sculptures.  The Lake Country Public Art Commission will provide assistance with the installation of the sculptures.


An honorarium of $1,000 will be given for each Art Birdhouse Sculpture.



Submission of Proposals:                                         September 11, 2017

Selection of Proposals:                                             September 30, 2017

Completion and installation of sculptures             Spring 2018

                        – specific dates to be finalized.



Please ensure that the following items are included in your Proposal:

  • Application form giving contact details.
  • Artist(s) curriculum vitea (biography and record of art production)
  • Drawings of the proposed sculpture (hardcopy or digital on a memory stick)
  • Written description of all details of the project.


If you have any questions regarding this Call, please contact Dr. Sharon McCoubrey, Chairperson, Public Art Commission, at 250-766-4406, or


Submitting Proposals

Please submit your proposal by 4:00 pm on September 11, 2017 electronically to, or deliver or mail to the Lake Country Municipal Hall:

Public Art Commission
c/o District of Lake Country Municipal Hall
10150 Bottom Wood Lake Road
Lake Country, BC
V4V 2M1

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