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Lake Country restricts watering to two days a week

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The District of Lake Country is restricting outdoor watering to two days a week only as a result of no rainfall and lower than normal levels of water in the upland watersheds.      

Agricultural properties and seasonal irrigation water customers will receive a letter from the District outlining the specific watering restrictions for their property.  Some crops supplied with water from the Beaver Lake source will only be permitted to irrigate as absolutely necessary.

“It’s been quite a year for water impacts from natural disasters and hot weather! Because of our naturally hot and dry climate, we have faced water shortages in the past and we will face them in the future,” said Mayor James Baker.  “The Okanagan has been at Drought Level 2 since the third week of August and Lake Country participates in the Make Water Work program coordinated by the Okanagan Basin Water Board to encourage all residents to make wise use of our water resources and conserve as much as possible. Just the simple act of watering in the cool of the evening makes every drop count.” 

District water utility staff are continually assessing the systems and monitoring the weather impacts to provide basic water service for potable supply, fire protection and agricultural irrigation.  So it is important that residential and commercial property water users restrict their use of outdoor water to only as necessary up to a maximum of twice per week.    



For more information contact:

Mayor James Baker

Kiel Wilke, Engineering Technician
District of Lake Country
250-766-5650 x215

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