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Council members meet with BC ministers on Lake Country priorities

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The September 25-29 Union of BC Municipalities conference saw Lake Country Council members meeting with provincial ministers to discuss priorities that are high on the community’s list.  Education, Transportation and Infrastructure, as well as Municipal Affairs and Health were the portfolios of most interest to Lake Country Council members. 

In addition to stressing the urgency in addressing the Glenmore and Highway 97 intersection issues and the impact on Lake Country residents, Council members also highlighted the need for a middle school to alleviate the capacity pressures on local elementary schools.  These two issues have been the hot topic items by residents for a number of years and Lake Country’s politicians wanted to make sure the new provincial government ministers heard the community’s concerns in person. 

“Face-to-face meetings with the provincial ministers at UBCM are crucial opportunities to highlight our community’s concerns and requests,” said Mayor James Baker.  “Networking with fellow elected officials to discuss best practices and share experiences is also a worthwhile way to spend time during the conference.”

Lake Country Council members also shared in discussions with ministers on affordable housing and work being done in Lake Country with community partners on more diverse primary health care options.  Additionally, Council members made the time to attend meetings with BC Transit; the leader of the Green Party, Andrew Weaver; and participate in learning opportunities on: the legalization of marijuana and the role of municipal government, agricultural practices, infrastructure and economic development. 



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