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District and Community Association reps meet to discuss proposed Gable Road end sale

News Release

Following a well-attended Council meeting November 7th where the proposed sale of Gable Road end was discussed, representatives of the Carr’s Landing Community and Recreation Association met with the District of Lake Country.


“We received a petition against the proposed sale of land; and heard from a lot of residents in the neighbourhood of Gable Beach at the Council meeting,” said Mayor James Baker.  “We are glad that staff has taken action so quickly on the direction from Council to meet with the representatives of Carr’s Landing Community and Recreation Association.  Council is always interested in hearing from citizens impacted by the decisions and strategic direction of Council.” 


In the meeting between District staff and representatives of the Carr’s Landing Community and Recreation Association discussion focused on getting to a win/win option; and the understanding of two separate issues:

  • the sale of public waterfront property;
  • Council’s intention to buy out Kelowna’s interest in the Rail Trail lands within Lake Country.


District staff committed to inform Mayor and Council of the meeting discussion and maintain an open line of communication with the Carr’s Landing Community and Recreation Association including advance notice of inclusion of the Gable Road end lands on a future Council meeting agenda.



For more information contact:

Matt Vader, Manager Strategic and Support Services

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