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District staff & residents continue to battle rising waters

Lake Country citizens are thanked for their patience as District staff continue to extend themselves in addressing the significant volume and magnitude of flood-related damage throughout the community.

Maintaining daily operations, while working with specialist contractors and coordinated response through the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Centre, has been a challenge over the past month and it is expected to continue for at least another month. 

A flood emergency is very different from other emergencies in that it happens slowly over a longer period of time and the response requirements change through the process; but the regular operation and maintenance of community infrastructure like water systems, parks, roads and sewer is still a priority. We thank you for your expressions of appreciation and your patience when we take a little longer to get back to you about a non-flood related requests for service. 

The District is coordinating a public meeting to discuss Planning for Recovery with Lake Country citizens, once participation by other governmental agencies and organizations is confirmed.  Please watch for an announcement in the very near future and plan to attend so we can have the conversations in person to address impacts from the flood. 

Crews are continuing assessments on the condition of flood protection works and evaluating the need for repairs or additional measures.  Property owners should do the same with their flood defences.  Neighbours helping neighbours have demonstrated amazing compassion and community spirit throughout Lake Country during May. 

Residents are reminded the weather is driving this event. Sudden changes in the weather could further increase the risk of flooding.

Residents and visitors should continue to find wake-free options to enjoy Okanagan Lake, Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lake in the weeks ahead.

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