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Double yellow lines on the road – what do they mean?

bottom-wood-lake-rd-double-yellow-linesHave the double yellow lines on the road in front of George Elliot Secondary School/Creekside Theatre and Municipal Hall/Library got you thinking that you shouldn’t be crossing them to turn left? 

The Rationale:  The double solid lines are there as an additional level of safety to ensure no passing in the busy pedestrian crossing area around George Elliot Secondary School and Municipal Hall.  It’s an extension of the no parking/stopping/passing areas established either side of a crosswalk to ensure pedestrians are visible and don’t walk out from behind parked or stopped cars.

The Facts:  Yellow lines separate traffic moving in opposite directions.  The yellow line should always be on your left.  PASSING is NOT ALLOWED against double yellow solid lines (it is illegal).  There is only one exemption to the requirement to keep right and that is when a driver is entering or leaving a main road/highway. The onus is on the driver making the turn to exercise “a very high degree of care” and to keep a “sharp lookout” when crossing a double solid line.  So in terms of turning left across solid yellow lines, the law says that you may turn if it is done carefully and safely and if by doing it you are not impeding traffic (and of course if there are no signs prohibiting the turn).


The Resource Info:

Road Sense for drivers – Chapter 3: signs, signals and road markings


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