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Lower your energy bills – free programs from BC Hydro

Would you like help with reducing your energy bills? Does your household have a moderate or low income? If so, then your household may be eligible for free help from BC Hydro and FortisBC.

BC Hydro has two programs for moderate to low income households:

  1. Energy Saving Kit
  • Receive a free kit contains energy and water savings products that you can install yourself
  • BC Hydro may be able to send a FREE kit, value $100, could save energy up to $100 per year. To apply or learn more, visit, or call 1-800-224-9376
  1. Energy Conservation Assistance Program
  • A contractor may come to your house & install energy saving measures, FREE
  • To apply or learn more, visit, or call 1-877-806-3242

The income eligibility, based on household size, is as follows:

Household size Maximum household income
1 $32,000
2 $39,800
3 $48,900
4 $59,400
5 $67,400
6 $76,000
7+ $84,600


We are bringing this to the attention of residents as we are aware that many residents, particularly those with moderate or low incomes, are concerned with their energy bills and rising Hydro rates. More energy saving tips and rebates can be found at or

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