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Pedestrian safety is a high priority in Lake Country

Ever wonder how winter road maintenance and sidewalk clearing fits into the “Getting around Lake Country in safe and enjoyable ways” theme for the Transportation for Tomorrow Plan? Snow and ice conditions on any travel surface – road or pedestrian pathway – seem to take the “safe and enjoyable” out of the equation.  The Transportation for Tomorrow theme guides our activities to ensure that vulnerable users (like pedestrians) come first.

The daily commute along Bottom Wood Lake Road for anyone going to GESS or Municipal Hall, the Library and beyond was made safer through the road improvement project in 2014 that added bike lanes and a pedestrian pathway. Then the white plastic bollards disappeared this fall after they were found to be failing due to poor installation by a contractor.  They were breaking off and littering the pedestrian pathway or being thrown in the nearby creek (or other places). The District is working on a permanent solution to separate the vulnerable users on the pedestrian pathway from vehicles in the travel lanes. 

In the meantime, motorists are reminded to be more aware of the pedestrian pathway and not to drive or park on the bike or pedestrian area.  The winter roads maintenance crew will endeavour to keep the area as clear of snow and ice as possible so it is easier to see the lines; and Bylaw Enforcement will be monitoring and ticketing any illegal parking.  Pedestrian safety is a key concern of everyone, and we all need to take some responsibility for driving in a manner that doesn’t put other more vulnerable users at risk.  Pedestrians, please remember to make sure you are visible to motorists if you are walking in the winter darkness and choose footwear with a non-slip surface to keep yourself safe in winter conditions.


During a snow event, everyone wishes that their road would be plowed first. However, it is necessary to follow established service routes according to priority, in order to complete District-wide snow removal for all roads in as timely a manner as possible. With nearly 200 km of roads to maintain, during the winter the snow plowing and sanding is done on a priority basis to make getting around the community as safe as possible.  Click on the SNOW REMOVAL Quick Link at to check out the winter road maintenance priority map and contractor service expectations so you know how your street fits into the plan.

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