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Fire Chief for a Day

With Fire Prevention Week October 4-10, 2015 came the opportunity for elementary students to be Fire Chief for a Day!  Congratulations to students: Cyler Hodges from Peter Greer, Phoenix Drinkwater from Oyama Traditional, and Zach Witzel from Davidson Road elementary … READ MORE »

Collaborative Public Art Mural inspires discussion

Did you know that studies have shown that the number one reason people will choose to visit and move to a community is the availability of arts and cultural amenities? Lake Country is continuing to become an interesting and engaging … READ MORE »

Visionary leader found in local skate park

Would you expect to find a visionary leader at a centre for higher learning or a spiritual retreat?  What about at a colourfully graffiti-tagged skate park?  Is age important when deciding who is a visionary leader? Recently Parks & Facilities … READ MORE »

Much is happening in Lake Country

Many members of the public have noticed and continue to notice a flurry of activity in Lake Country. The new Council has been very busy and there seems to be no slowing down in sight.  A number of residents have … READ MORE »

Lake Country 2015 Budget Approved

Council held three Budget Meetings and approved the 2015 Annual Budget on January 29th.  The budget reflects the direction set out by Council through the funding of priorities that were adopted in December after the municipal election. In a nutshell, … READ MORE »

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