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Pedestrian safety is a high priority in Lake Country

Ever wonder how winter road maintenance and sidewalk clearing fits into the “Getting around Lake Country in safe and enjoyable ways” theme for the Transportation for Tomorrow Plan? Snow and ice conditions on any travel surface – road or pedestrian … READ MORE »

Public Art Advisory Commission unveils Birdhouse Sculptures at community park

The Lake Country Public Art Advisory Commission  held a formal ceremony November 26th to unveil the Birdhouse Sculptures installed on the small piece of parkland at the corner of Hwy 97 and Berry Rd     Each of the artists commissed … READ MORE »

Quick action saves life in Lake Country

When friends Trevor Warkentin, owner of Kees Tae Kwon Do, and Cam Manning, Lake Country Realtor, set out to play recreational hockey on the morning of September 28th at the Winfield Arena they didn’t know it would be a life … READ MORE »

Bike lanes on Davidson Rd cause frustration

Vehicles stopped and parked in the bike lane by Davidson Road Elementary have been the source of some confusion and conflict recently – the lack of bike lane markings and bylaw enforcement has contributed to the issue.  Although District staff … READ MORE »

Double yellow lines on the road – what do they mean?

Have the double yellow lines on the road in front of George Elliot Secondary School/Creekside Theatre and Municipal Hall/Library got you thinking that you shouldn’t be crossing them to turn left?  The Rationale:  The double solid lines are there as an … READ MORE »

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