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Lake Country 2015 Budget Approved

Council held three Budget Meetings and approved the 2015 Annual Budget on January 29th.  The budget reflects the direction set out by Council through the funding of priorities that were adopted in December after the municipal election. In a nutshell, … READ MORE »

Lake Country Moving Forward

Many people in the community have provided positive feedback on the work we are doing. From the projects focused on the roads and other infrastructure to the current organizational restructuring, from the approval of a comprehensive community plan to the way … READ MORE »

Changes in Lake Country

The recent restructuring at Municipal Hall in Lake Country has brought some controversy and questions.  Controversy is pretty common in local government and it is part of what we do. We understand it and we deal with it. Questions are … READ MORE »

Tale of an infrequent cyclist during Bike to Work Week

For weeks I have been encouraging all in my workplace and community to gear up to participate in cycling at some point during Bike to Work / Bike to School Week May 26-June 1, 2014.  I am a middle-aged mom … READ MORE »

Why Local Governments Count

In November, people in BC will be called to vote in a province-wide municipal election.  Elections used to be held every three years, until now, but with the pending legislation change and this year’s election, a new chapter of local government … READ MORE »

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