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Volunteers – the unsung heroes of Lake Country

It’s National Volunteer Week April 6-12, 2014  The Lake Country community is well known for its strong sense of community spirit.  The altruistic activities that take place throughout Lake Country are not just done by the highly-visible volunteer service organizations … READ MORE »

Innovative technology used to keep drinking water safe

Would a helmet- and tank-clad commercial diver coming out of a mound of earth high above Okanagan Lake catch your attention?  It sure did catch mine . . .when I was invited this very cold February day to check out … READ MORE »

Fiction vs. Reality: Budget Numbers in Lake Country

I just read an article in the Kelowna Daily Courier about the Budget process in Lake Country and, as was pointed out by our CFO Stephen Banmen, the only thing right in it was the population figure: 12,000 – actually 12,041 at … READ MORE »

Keep holiday memories safe from fire hazards

Since momentary carelessness can lead to a lifetime of regret, it is important to keep safety in mind during preparations for the busy holiday season.  The Kelowna Fire Department has compiled a list of safety tips worth reviewing to ensure … READ MORE »

Firecrackers, skyrockets, Roman candles, squibs, torpedoes and fireballs – are they part of your Halloween?

With Halloween right around the corner Lake Country residents are sure to be getting excited about the spectacular community bonfire and fireworks display held at Beasley Park.  Then in the background against the Lake Country hills, residents can usually hear … READ MORE »

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