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Lower your energy bills – free programs from BC Hydro

Would you like help with reducing your energy bills? Does your household have a moderate or low income? If so, then your household may be eligible for free help from BC Hydro and FortisBC. BC Hydro has two programs for … READ MORE »

Wildlife in Lake Country – rattlesnakes

There are many enjoyable hiking trails that happen to be in rattlesnake territory, but don’t worry; you can enjoy your hike safely by being observant and following some general tips. If you hear a rattlesnake: Stop immediately Locate the snake. … READ MORE »

EESC students interpret 100,000 years of Okanagan Centre history

The students working on the bluff are enrolled in a field course in Earth and Environmental Sciences at UBC Okanagan. Dr. Ian Saunders, participating in the field work, provided the following description of what the UBCO students were doing on the … READ MORE »

Cycling in Lake Country – a youth perspective

Written by Jack Spalding-Jamieson, Youth Councillor 2015-16 During the sunnier seasons, I cycle around my block quite regularly. I am not trying to get anywhere, and certainly I am not an athlete, I just like cycling. The road around my … READ MORE »

Multi-modal Transportation – A Driver for Economic Properity

“Active transportation” is a broad term referring to non-motorized movement. Another commonly used term is “multi-modal transportation,” which is similar but not the same. This term refers to transportation networks that enable numerous modes (e.g. walking, cycling, transit, cars, etc.). … READ MORE »

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