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Community Groups

Lake Country is vibrant, tight-knit community which comes together through a broad range of clubs and organizations. Softball, hockey and soccer clubs for adults and youth are popular, as are hiking, running, yoga, skating and curling groups. Service and interest groups contribute to the sense of community and wellness in Lake Country.

Lake Country is an inclusive community working to implement Age-friendly Living Guidelines at every opportunity so people of all ages and abilities feel included and valued in the community; and are supported to live active, socially engaged, independent lives.  Access and age-friendly information is available on the new Seniors BC websiteBetter at Home is a United Way run program to help seniors remain independent.

Arts & Culture

Art Gallery 10356A Bottom Wood Lake Rd, Lake Country  Phone: 250-766-1299  Email:

Art Lessons (Marlene McPherson) 250-766-3934

Ceramics (Silver Lining Studio) 250-548-4093

Theatre – Creekside Players (Bonny Taylor) 250-766-3054


Community Groups

Art Council (Sharon McCoubrey) 250-766-4406

Boys & Girls Club (Tobilynn Siemens) 250-766-5277

Counselling Services (Heidi Maskell) 250-864-2114

Lake Country Jumping Agility Mutts (Nancy Williams) 250-766-3605

Lake Country Farmers’ Market

Lake Country Health Planning Society (Megan Ross, Program Coordinator) 778-214-9343

Lake Country Dog Owners’ Association

Food Assistance Society (Food bank)

Lake Country Native Association 250-548-3723

Oceola Fish & Game Club

Garden Club (Trish Miller) 250-766-3367

Kiwanis Club (Tom Kockrell) 250-766-2625

Lions Club  (Easter Seal Camp) 250-766-2168


Music Lessons – Piano (robyn Bohn) 250-766-2790

Open Mic (Jennifer Boal) 250-766-0196

Rotary Club (Margaret Brown) 250-766-3681

Scouts Canada – Lake Country (Don) 250-766-0050


Sports & Recreation

Badminton (Pamela Boulter) 250-766-4806

Ball – Ladies Softball (Martha Yukich) 250-575-1565

Ball – Mens Softball (Dean Harty) 250-212-1814

Ball – Mixed Softball (Wayne Baptiste) 250-258-9507

Curling Club (Terri Palmer) 250-766-3318

Dance – Highland (Cheryl Rosborough) 250-766-3878

Dance – Full Service (Shani Wendell)250-766-4502

Dance – Full Service (Petrina Koltun) 250-766-1000

Fitness Facility (Bodyz in Motion) 250-766-0611


Golf (Aspen Golf Course) 778-480-0062

Hiking  – Lake Country Outdoors Club (Elisabeth Dahnert) 

Hockey – Minor

Hockey – LC Oldtimers (Dean Henry) 250-766-1469

Hockey – Winfield Oldtimers (Don Garry) 250-212-2522

Horseshoes (Doris Wilton) 250-766-2985

Jiu Jitsu – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club 10303 Bottom Wood Lake Rd. (Donavin Scott) Phone: 250-309-9571 or Email:


Lake Country Outdoors Club (Elisabeth Dahnert)

Martial Arts (Al Stembridge) 250-317-2008

Padel (Chris Thorburn) 250-575-4580

Running Club (Dan Middleton) 250-766-5527

Sail & Boating Association (Kevin Bowles) 250-766-2254

Skating – Winfield Skating Club

Soccer – Youth (250-766-0602)

Soccer – Adult

Tai Chi – Taoist (Shirley Clement) 250-548-3254

Tae Kwon Do (Trevor Warkentin) 250-212-0107

Tennis (Mike/Marlene Woodroff) 250-766-2471

Volleyball – Adult & Teen (LC Leisure Services) 250-766-5650

Wakeboard (Kris Killick) 250-718-3875

Walking Club (LC Leisure Services) 250-766-1485

Water Skiing / Wakeboard (Tanya Chmilar) 250-868-1933

Yoga – lyengar (Lynne Bowsher) 250-766-3122

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