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British Columbia, Canada

Centres of Worship

Lake Country is inclusive to people of all faiths. The following are places of worship in Lake Country.

Baha’i Faith
T: 250.766.5063

Jehovah’s Witnesses
10191 Bottom Wood Lake Rd.
T: 250.766.5710

Lake Country Life Centre
3110 Berry Rd.
T: 250.275.5071

Lake Country Church
12025 Oceola Rd
T: 250.766.4433

Seventh Day Adventist Church
11370 Bottom Wood Lake Rd
T: 250.766.4266

St Edwards Catholic Church
11123 Okanagan Centre Rd
T: 250.766.3146

St Francis Anglican Parish
10162 Newene Rd
T: 250.766.0919

Willow Park Church
10241 Bottomwood Lake (at Creekside Theatre)
T: 250.765.6622

Winfield Community Church
9460 Glenmore Rd
T: 250.766.2753

Winfield United Church
3751 Woodsdale Rd
T: 250.766.4458

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