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Mark KochThe District of Lake Country’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) project was initiated in late 2012. The purpose of the planning process was to develop a long-term strategic plan to help the District and its community partners co-ordinate efforts and make progress towards goals that address the environmental, cultural, social, and economic dimensions of a sustainable community. ICSPs encompass and weave together most aspects of community planning, including buildings and land development, infrastructure, waste management, economic development, parks and recreation, and social and cultural well-being of residents.

The ICSP consists of 3 documents:

  • Part 1. Sustainability Framework Part 1 outlines the purpose and context for the ICSP and presents a long-term vision for the community. This document also describes sustainability goals and broad strategies that will help to achieve the vision.
  • Part 2. State of Sustainability Report Part 2 provides a snapshot of the community’s performance in 2013 as it relates to the sustainability goals. It also describes challenges and opportunities.
  • Part 3. Sustainability Action Plan Part 3 lays out detailed actions, timeframes, roles and responsibilities.

View the complete Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (please be patient as this loads – it is 179 pages long with many graphics and photos included).


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