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Secondary Suites

A secondary suite is a self-contained dwelling within a single detached dwelling. It has its own cooking, sleeping and bathing facilities and direct access to the outside without passing through the principal unit. The maximum floor area cannot be larger than the lesser of 90 square metres or 40% of the total floor area of the building.

An accessory suite is a self-contained dwelling, as above, within an accessory building rather than in the principal unit.

The Building department will create a new civic address. All registered suites will receive a street address with an ‘A’ suffix after the street number.

Read the September 2016 Information Bulletin – Accessory Secondary Suites to learn more.

Where are suites allowed?

Secondary and accessory suites are allowed on Rural Large Parcel (RLP) and Rural Residential 1, 2 and 3 (RR1, RR2, RR3) zoned property and secondary suites are allowed on Single Family Housing (RU1) and Agricultural 1 (A-1) property.  A property may have one secondary OR one accessory suite (not both).

Can I de-register my suite?

Yes. Complete a Change of Occupancy Permit Application ($100 fee) with the Planning and Development Department, remove cooking facility from suite (stove), call for inspection of deregistered suite and, if the inspection is passed, the file will be closed and the suite is now de-registered.  View the steps and options involved in Decommissioning a Secondary Suite or Accessory Suite.

Can I re-register my suite if I have de-registered it?

If you want to re-register your de-registered suite, you will need to take out a new Building

Secondary and Accessory Suites Policy 104

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