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Subdivision & Development

Subdivision occurs through the creation of several properties from one or more existing properties, the realignment of existing property lines, or the consolidation of two or more properties into one. Anyone interested in submitting a subdivision layout application should request a pre-application meeting with Planning and Development staff to confirm if the subdivision proposal is generally suitable prior to submitting a formal application.

Once general suitability has been confirmed, an application must be made to the Subdivision Approving Officer, who ensures compliance with the Provincial Land Title Act and related legislation, the District’s Official Community Plan, Zoning Bylaw and Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaw and related schedules (note: double click to open the applicable schedule > click View Original tab > then Open as a Word document and complete the form using Calibri font size 11 only). A Preliminary Subdivision Layout Review (PLR) is then either issued with conditions of approval or refused.

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