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A property owner wishing to vary a regulation in the Zoning Bylaw for siting, height, lot coverage, etc. will need to obtain a variance.  There are two procedures that may allow for such variances:

Development Variance

A major variance, or one which is not the result of hardship, must be submitted to Council for consideration through the Development Variance Permit (DVP) process. A Development Variance Permit is used to vary many of the District’s regulations; however, it cannot vary a floodplain specification or the use or density of land that is specified in a zoning bylaw.

Board of Variance

A minor variance that is considered to be the result of hardship generally due to a unique set of conditions is normally the responsibility of the Board of Variance. The Board is a quasi-judicial body independent of Council that meets on an as-needed basis. There are limitations on orders that a Board of Variance can authorize so please make sure to contact Planning and Development staff to discuss the particulars of your situation and determine which type of variance you should apply for.

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