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Effective noon September 22, 2017 the Campfire Ban has ENDED throughout the Central Okanagan.  

A campfire is a fire used for the  purpose of cooking and/or to provide heat and light associated with camping or recreation.

Campfires are permitted when there is NO ban in effect, with the permission of the  property owner provided that the fire is fuelled by  seasoned wood only.

The fire is to be no larger than 1 metre in diameter and  height and must be supervised at all times. Equipment  to extinguish the fire must be available to prevent the fire from getting out of control. Campfires will not be allowed when the Ministry of  Forests declares a campfire ban, generally during a high  or  extreme fire hazard rating.  The District then follows  suit.

A minimum separation of 3 metres shall be maintained between campfires and  any combustible material.

For more information, please contact, call Fire Administration Office at 250 766 2327 or the Municipal Hall at 250 766 5650.

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