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If you want to know where each of the Fire Stations are in relation to your property for insurance purposes, check out our Google map at the bottom of this page.

Station 71 - Winfield

Station 71 in Winfield houses Engine 71 (Hubb) 4 x 4 front line engine, Rescue 71 (Rosenbauer) carries all the specialized rescue equipment including hydraulic jaws equipment, air bags, and vehicle stabilization kits. Mini 71 (Hubb) 4 x 4 F550 compressed air foam unit utilized for medical calls, rope rescue and wildland fires. Ladder 71 (Smeal) a seventy five foot aerial which includes an elevated master stream. Tender 71 carries 1500 gallons of and is used throughout the district for un-hydrated areas.

It is also the location of Fire Administration – the office of the Fire Chief, fire inspection and training division, as well as the home of the command vehicles.
Command Pickups with frame for web
Carrs Landing Station with trucks 2016-Feb for web

Station 81 – Carr’s Landing


Carr’s Landing houses Engine 81 (Hubb) 4 x 4 primary responses for all types of fires, medical calls and MVA’s due to its short wheel base and four wheel drive capability. Pumper 81 (Superior) is the second engine at this station.

Station 91 – Oyama

Oyama fire hall operates Engine 91 (Rosenbauer) as first out for fires and MVA’s, Bush 91 (CET) pulls the rescue boat and carries wildfire equipment seasonally and ice rescue equipment in the winter also used for medical calls. Pumper 91 (Pierce) acts as a reserve engine for the fleet.


Special Use Equipment:

Because of the diverse area that the Lake Country Fire Department serves, some special equipment is necessary:

  • An ATV 4×4 with an onboard 60 gallon water tank with class foam, along with a trailer for a basket stretcher is used for rescue of hikers in remote areas when helicopters cannot access, and for putting out small fires wither human caused or lighting strikes.
  • A fire safety mobile training center is a small presentation center with a seating area for video presentations, kitchen for safety presentations, typical bedroom with heated door and theatrical smoke generator, smoke alarm, back escape window with ladder. This is used as part of elementary school program.
  • All engines have built in class ”A” foam systems, speciality equipment includes rope rescue, ice rescue and marine rescue.
All fire halls in Lake Country contain equipment best suited to the needs of the area and the responders all work together as one team.  The Lake Country Fire Department also provides assistance in other jurisdictions as part of a Mutual Aid Agreement between all stakeholders in the Central Okanagan.

View LCFC fire hall locations in a larger map

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