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Crime Prevention Programs

Crime Prevention Programs

Community Policing

Citizens Patrol

Concerned citizens who volunteer their time, energy and expertise to become the extended eyes and ears of the police.  The patrols work under the auspices and direction of the RCMP.  Patrollers observe, record and report.

Speed Watch Program

Volunteers monitor speeding in your area.  Using Portable Radar equipment and an electronic sign for instant feedback, drivers are made aware of their speeds as they travel along neighborhood streets.  Information collected is given to the police and to ICBC.

Child Identification (Child ID)

Is a program made available to parents who wish to have a way of uniquely identifying their young children.  Specially trained Community Police volunteers take the child’s fingerprints which are turned over to the parents (the RCMP DO NOT keep a copy).  The Child ID program is offered periodically throughout the year.

Block Watch Program

“Neighbors watching out for neighbors”.  It is neighborhood awareness, “target hardening” your residence and marking your valuables for identification.  For the program to be totally effective, each resident must take an active role in both security improvement and observations.

Persons interested in volunteering in the Citizens Patrol, Speed Watch, or Child ID programs can email to arrange to go through the screening process.  Recruiting is an ongoing process, volunteer applications are processed year round.

Those interested in participating in the Block Watch program are invited to email to arrange for an orientation session for themselves and their neighborhood.

Victim Services

The police-based victim services program provides support and information to victims of all crime types including serious crime and murder, as well as traumatic non-criminal code incidents such as sudden death, suicide, fatal motor vehicle accidents and disasters.

Contact info

RCMP Detachment
3231 Berry Road
Lake Country, B.C. V4V 1T8
Phone: (250)766-2288   Fax: (250)766-5513

Duane MacTavish, Crime Prevention Coordinator
Regional District of Central Okanagan
250-707-8021   e-mail

Central Okanagan / RCMP Victim Services
350 Doyle Ave
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6V7
Phone: (250) 470-6242
Office Hours: Mon-Sat 7 am to 5 pm
Victim Services personnel are able to meet with clients in offices located in the Kelowna, Lake Country and West Kelowna RCMP Detachments.

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