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British Columbia, Canada

Mayor & Council

From left to right: Councillor Penny Gambell, Councillor Jamie McEwan, Councillor Owen Dickie, Mayor James Baker, Councillor Barbara Leamont, Councillor Lisa Cameron, Councillor Rob Geier

Email or send a letter to District of Lake Country, 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Road, Lake Country, BC V4V 2M1. Please note that all mail addressed to individual Councillors is circulated to the Mayor and the entire Council as well as the Chief Administrative Officer.  Citizens should be aware that all written and email correspondence addressed to Mayor and Council may become public documents once received by the District.

Mayor’s Office 250 766 6670

View the list of Acting Mayor Appointments for 2013 | Acting Mayor Appointments for 2014

Council’s Vision

Develop a strong sense of community.  Promote a positive community image. Provide housing for all. Encourage responsible economic development. Build a comprehensive and integrated trail network. Create a vibrant social and commercial town centre. Protect and enhance our natural environment. Foster diverse agricultural opportunities. Encourage enjoyment of our unique lake resources.  Promote environmental stewardship. Promote an active schedule of cultural and social events. Develop a sustainable financial plan for servicing and growth.

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