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Alternative Approval Process

Okanagan Rail Corridor

The Okanagan Rail Corridor route has economically unified the communities from Coldstream to Kelowna’s for nearly 100 years. Lake Country, Coldstream, Vernon, Kelowna, the Central Okanagan Regional District and the North Okanagan Regional District collectively want to maintain this historic ribbon of land for continued public use as a multi-modal transportation corridor that will improve active transportation, reduced motor vehicle traffic congestion and provide future potential for innovative transit opportunities that serve the entire region.

Elector Response Forms are available beginning January 14, 2015 from the Municipal Hall or can be mailed via Canada Post upon request and provision of mailing address for Non-Resident Property Electors or electors out of town during the Alternative Approval Process time period. Email or call 250-766-5650 to arrange for mailing.


Mail out-2015-02-17 Final as a graphicFor the Record: Information Update February 18, 2015
Letter to the Editor from Mayor Baker February 17, 2015
Fact Sheet (New: February 17, 2015)
Direct mail postcard sent to Lake Country homes February 19, 2015

Notice of AAP
Report to Council – Loan Authorization Bylaw 906, 2014 & AAP
News Release
Rail Corridor Vision
Open House presentation boards for display
Direct mail postcard sent to Lake Country homes January 14, 2015

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Okanagan Rail Corridor (CN Discontinuance)







Okanagan Rail Corridor (within Lake Country) CN Rail Discontinuance - Jurisdiction Map_Central LC Graphic

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