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Make a Presentation to Council

Publication of Personal Information:
Please note that all Regular Council Meetings are televised on Shaw Cable. By presenting a delegation at a Council meeting or speaking during the Public Comment section of the meeting, you are giving consent to appear on television. Your name will also appear in the minutes, which are posted on the District’s website following the meeting.

Presenting at a Council Meeting

Written notice including the subject matter, the intended proposal or request, the name of the person addressing Council and any required background information must be provided to the Corporate Services Department at least 2 weeks before the meeting date that a person or group of persons wishes to appear. Each delegation may present for 10 minutes. The presentation length can only be extended by Council resolution.

Scheduling is dependent on the number of items in any given agenda, so the sooner the request is received, the sooner it can be scheduled for inclusion on a Council meeting agenda.  Corporate Services will advise the delegation which meeting agenda their presentation will be included on.  Copies of the presentation materials shall be provided to the Council with the agenda for the meeting at which the delegation is to be heard.

Following a presentation, Council may ask for a staff report, refer the request to an advisory committee or take such other action as it deems appropriate.

Public Comment

Each Regular Council Meeting has a 15 minute Public Comment period where individuals may present their comments to Council.  Depending on the number of people that wish to speak, the allotted time for each speaker may be limited to a maximum of three minutes.


A petition presented to the Council shall include the name of each petitioner, and his or her residential address and telephone number.  In the case of a corporation, the authority given by the corporation to sign the petition shall be produced with it.

All written petitions or correspondence that are addressed to and received by Council are public documents. If they are forwarded to a Regular Council Meeting for consideration they become part of the agenda package and are posted on the District’s website.


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