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Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my ticket.  How do I dispute it or request adjudication?
Fill out this form and return it via mail, email, fax or in person as directed.

If you wish to dispute a Bylaw Offence Notice complete the Dispute/Request for Adjudication section on the back of the ticket and submit it to the Municipal Hall in person, by mail, fax or email within 14 days of issuance. Please call the  Customer Service Centre at 250-766-5650 prior to requesting adjudication.

Disputes will follow a three step process:

  1. The individual disputing their Bylaw Offence Notice (disputant) will speak with the Screening Officer.  This officer will review the Bylaw Offence Notice and uphold, revoke or adjust if appropriate.
  2. If the Screening Officer upholds the Bylaw Offence Notice, the disputant can choose to pay it or have it forwarded to an adjudicator. If the disputant chooses the adjudication process, they will be notified when they may present their case, whether they choose to do so in writing, by phone, or in person.
  3. A date, time and location for adjudication will be provided to the disputant. Independent adjudicators will determine whether a bylaw infraction did or did not occur. If the adjudicator upholds the infraction, the full penalty will be applied as well as an adjudication fee of $25. If the adjudicator determines that no bylaw violation has occurred, no fine or adjudication fee will be applied.

How do I schedule my adjudication date and location?
The first step is to complete the Dispute/Request for Adjudication form on the reverse of the Bylaw Offence Notice and submit it as directed.  The Screening Officer will contact you and give you the opportunity to submit information so that he/she can review the case and, if appropriate, cancel or adjust the Notice. If the Notice is not cancelled the disputant may request that it be forwarded to an Adjudicator. Adjudication hearings are held monthly in various locations within the Okanagan.

What are my options to dispute my Bylaw Offence Notice?
Disputants have  14 calendar days upon receipt of the Bylaw Offence Notice to file a dispute. If they do not request adjudication within 14 days, they will not be able to  dispute the allegation. Bylaw Offence Notices can be disputed in writing, by phone, or in person.

What happens if I forget to pay my Bylaw Offence Notice?
If a Bylaw Offence Notice remains unpaid after 28 days, the late payment charge as noted on the front of the Notice will be applied. If the Notice remains unpaid after the final notice is sent out, it will then be sent to a collection agency for further action.

What happens if I did not receive a ticket and find out about the alleged offence after the 14 day dispute period?
If you advise the Bylaw Services Office within 21 days of the issue date of the Notice that you did not receive the original, the Bylaw Offence Notice may be reissued and the dispute period extended for an additional 14 days.

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