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Geographic Information System (GIS)

The GIS is a database and mapping system for properties in the Regional District.  It includes size, location, zoning, streetlights, sewers and other services provided to a specific property. These services are increasingly utilized by members of the public and businesses. GIS provides information necessary for long range planning, mapping environmentally sensitive areas and tracking permits for buildings and subdivisions.


Parks, Trails & Facilities Map

Download the Spion Kop Trail Map.

Our interactive Google Map gives you information about the location of parks, trails and facilities in Lake Country, as well as booking details for parks and facilities that are commenly used by various groups.




Walk Around Lake Country (WALC) Map

The region’s hiking and walking trails are maintained by Walk Around Lake Country (WALC). Download WALC’s hiking and walking trail map here: WALC map.

Download the Spion Kop Trail Map.



Lake Country Fire Hall Locations

Fire Halls in Lake Country are plotted on the Google Map, to help you find the nearest station to your residence for emergency service or insurance purposes.






zoning mapLake Country Zoning Map

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