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Sewer utilities are included annually on property tax notices. All parcels of land that are capable of being connected to the sewer system or which are deemed to abut the sewer system are charged a parcel tax regardless of whether or not they are connected. Properties that are connected to sewer are charged a user fee and a parcel tax. Please refer to Sewer Service Parcel Tax Bylaw 98-224 for all the details.

Parcel Tax: $225 per year.

Annual Residential User Fee: $250 per distinct premise on the property, multiplied by the number of distinct premises.

Non-residential User Fee: Based on a $250 minimum charge. Refer to Schedule A of Sanitary Sewer Regulation and Rate Bylaw 98-214 for more information.

Environmental Levy: The environmental levy is a tax to provide for the eventual expansion of the sewer collection system. All properties within the municipality are capable of being drained into the District of Lake Country sewer system, and all properties have the opportunity to use the system therefore each parcel is assessed annually with the parcel tax.  The environmental parcel tax is a flat rate charge per parcel at $75 per parcel. Please refer to Sewer System Parcel Tax Bylaw 98-182 for more information.

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