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Questions about Lake Country Roads? Complete our online Report a Problem form or email

Engineering and Operations Department
250 766 6677 8:30am-4:30pm

Regular Office Hours concerns should be directed to the District Engineering Department at (250) 766-6677, the Customer Service Centre (250) 766-5650 or via email to

Make sure to provide a name and phone number so that we can track and respond to service requests. We also we require a specific location or address, time of event and as many other details as possible. Let us know if you would like to receive a call back.

After Office Hours on evenings, weekends and holidays, snow removal concerns should be directed to the contractor Digg’N 4U 250-766-5664.

After Hours non-snow related road emergencies such as road kill removal or debris on the roadway should be directed to the Roads Duty Cell at 250-317-9780.

Highway 97 and Pelmewash Parkway are maintained by Argo Maintenance (South Okanagan) under contract to the BC Ministry of Transportation. They can be reached at (250) 766-3970.

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