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Transportation for Tomorrow

 2016 Project Updates:

Project Contact info for Pyramid Excavation Corp.:

  • Site Superintendent: Brad Cruickshank 250-808-8043
  • Project Manager: Pat Adkin 250-808-8052
  • Inspector: Dan Stewart 250-980-5500


  • Carr’s Landing Road (north of McCreight)
  • Project overview letter to residents & posted on Carr’s Landing Residents’ Association bulletin boards.
    • Section One – 500m section north from McCreight Rd
    • 1st Phase is road widening on eastern up-hill slope taking place between 29 Aug – 9 Sep 2016.  This will require single lane alternating traffic.  The construction work is being undertaken by Digg’N 4 U Contracting Ltd.
    • 2nd Phase is road reconstruction and remediation on the entire road width.  Due to take place for a 3 week period between 12 – 30 Sep 2016. For safety reasons the road will be closed during the day to through traffic for one week with the remaining two weeks requiring single lane alternating traffic.  A detour will be in place via Moberly Rd  & Barkley Rd.


    • Section Two – 200m section adjacent to Nuyens Park. Due to take place for a 3 week period between 12 – 30 Sep 2016. This will require single lane alternating traffic.


Read the June 17, 2016 Update

Neighbourhood Site Meetings Tuesday, June 28, 2016:

Bottom Wood Lake Rd project:  5:00pm in front of Municipal Hall

Sherman Rd:  6:00pm in front of Ecole Peter Greer

Greenhow Rd Pathway: 7:00pm in front of Oyama Traditional School

Funding Model Information (Parcel Tax FAQ)


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December 11, 2015 News Release: Council takes final steps towards implementation of 20-year transportation infrastructure plan

View the most recent reports to Council:

December 1, 2015 Council agenda with report and funding options

October 20, 2015 Transportation for Tomorrow Funding Strategy Report

October 6, 2015 Transportation for Tomorrow Funding Strategy presentation from the consultant

February 2015 Transportation for Tomorrow Report to Council.

During the public input process in 2013 an on-line survey was created so residents could share their thoughts and questions about the Transportation for Tomorrow plan.

We’ve all heard a lot about “infrastructure” problems lately.  As we bump over the potholes and patches in our Lake Country roads it is easly to feel frustrated and wonder — “Why don’t ‘they’ do something?”

Ironically ‘they’ — your local public works or Roads department — are probably equally frustrated by increased costs, budget reductions and deferred maintenance; and ‘they’ probably are as anxious as you to do somthing.

Unfortunately, neither the media buzz on infrastructure nor finger pointing will solve our community’s roads infrastructure problem.  Real, long term, solutions can only come from a committed and cooperative effort by informed citizens and local public officials in conjunction with District Engineering staff and contractors.  Difficult decisions have to be made and tough priorities set.

TRANSPORTATION FOR TOMORROW is the long term solution we believe we are all looking for.  Thanks for taking the time to review the informative resources below.

Read what it’s all about. This brochure will be delivered to mailboxes throughout Lake Country the week of November 25th, 2013.

Proposed Improvement Map July 27-13 (2)Click  to see large pdf version of 20 Year Road Improvement Plan.

Roads – Meeting our Needs (an overview)

20 Year Road Renewal & Improvement Comprehensive List

20 Year Road Investment Priority List

Road Cross Sections

Our Sustainable Lake Country – Sustainable Transportation

Winter Snow Removal Priority Map


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What does Road Maintenance involve and how much does it cost every year? 


Video introduction to Transportation for Tomorrow:  Roads 101

Let’s Learn about Renewal with professional engineer Michael Trickey

If transit service in Lake Country is of interest to you, we are happy to confirm that improving transit to/from and around Lake Country is one of the priorities included in the Transit Future Plan   (see pages 6, 25, and 62-65 for specific info).

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