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Lake Country’s water supply comes from four (4) surface water sources:  Beaver Lake, Oyama Lake, Okanagan Lake and Kalamalka Lake. The Water Source Area Map shows the areas served by each of the sources.  Seasonal irrigation and water quality information is available in the Spring 2017 water bill insert

The District operates three (3) water systems: the Lake Country Water System, the Coral Beach Water System, and Lake Pine — which includes six (6) storage dams, six (6) chlorinators,  seven (7) reservoirs,  eight (8) pumphouses, 34 pressure-reducing stations, and over 125 km of mainlines.  District-owned systems serve over 2,400 homes and businesses and about 500 agricultural properties irrigating over 3,700 acres of farmland.  Information in more detail is contained within the 2015 Water Operations Annual Report, Water Quality reports and other published water reports.


Have a question about the Lake Country water systems? Complete the online Report a Problem form, email or call the Engineering and Operations Department at or 250 766 6677 during regular office hours. For after hours water emergencies call 250 317 3250.

Connect to Water

There is a one-time connection fee of $500 to hook up to the District water system. Other
up-front costs vary and are calculated when your application is processed. Complete an Application for water or sewer service and a Building Permit application to connect to water.

Water Turn On-Off Fees

Water service calls during regular business hours are $50.00 for each and $150.00 per call after hours. Water service boxes are the property of the District and are required to be accessible at all times.  Water service boxes are to be operated by District staff only; any damage caused by illegal tampering will be the responsibility of the home owner.

Hydrant Use

Complete a Hydrant Use Permit Application if you require one-time specific access to fire hydrant water supply.


 Learn how to read your water meter






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