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Read the May 30, 2017 Update on Irrigation in Lake Country during 2017 Freshet Flooding. 

District staff turn on or off seasonal irrigation and agricultural irrigation services in the spring and fall.  There is no charge for this service.  Should you wish to have your irrigation service turned on before the regularly scheduled turn on time, or left on after the regularly scheduled turn off time, you must fill out and submit the Request for Irrigation Valve Turn On/Off form.  The completion of the “Request” form indicates the property owner’s acceptance of responsibility for any damage caused to the District’s irrigation service, should it freeze, when turned on beyond the regularly scheduled service period.

  • Each irrigated acre is allowed 6.00 US gpm controlled by flow control valves.
  • Normally the District allows 120 days of irrigation depending on drought conditions.
  • Irrigation systems must have an approved backflow preventor.
  • All backflow preventers are owned by the property owner.
  • It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure the backflow preventer is not damaged and does not freeze. (See information on how to winterize your backflow preventer)

The District requires 48-hours’ notice before turning water on or off for residents served by the Oyama Lake Source with 5 or more acres of irrigation. Phone 250-575-7043. It takes over 7 hours for the water released from the watershed to reach the District’s water inlet. Unscheduled watering can result in low pressure or no water available for you and your neighbours.

Learn about the history of the first water distribution system in Oyama through the eyes of Arnold Trewhitt, the Wood Lake Water Company’s former Director and Water Bailiff. (video produced by Jordy Starling)

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