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Universal Metering

A priority item within the District’s Water Master Plan is Universal Metering.

2016 Update:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mock bill.

Compare the 2016 and the proposed Metered Rates.

Learn about the Universal Metering rate structure. 

Water meter info display at Municipal Hall (April/May 2016)

Water meter info display at Municipal Hall (April/May 2016)

Mock Billing:  “Mock” or sample bills were sent out quarterly in 2016. The mock  bill showed owners their property’s water consumption and what they can expect to be billed under the new metered rate structure. The new metered rate structure started in January 2017.

Metering will help to ensure water supplies are safe and sustainable as a whole. The District has made significant commitments to water conservation and the benefits of Universal Metering are:

1. Reduced water consumption

2. Good environmental stewardship

3. Better equipped to deal with future water shortages

4. Increased chances at receiving senior level grants for infrastructure projects

5. Reduced cost in future infrastructure construction

6. Pay for what you use billing structure

The installation phase of the multi-year Universal Metering project began in spring 2014.


What is is all about?  More information and resources:

Notice of water leak detected by metering (January 2016)

News Release June 29, 2015 (joint funding announcement)

Report to Council February 18, 2014

News Release March 18, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions (updated March 6, 2015) 




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