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View your water bill online.   

Invoices are due the last working day of the month, two months following the billing period. (Example: January-March invoices are due on the last working day in May; April-Jun invoices are due on the last working day in August; July-September invoices are due on the last working day in November; and October-December invoices are due on the last working day in February.  

All unpaid balances past the due date will incur interest of 1.5% per month compounded annually.  It is each customer’s responsibility to ensure payments are made by the deadline to avoid penalties. Outstanding charges at December 31 are rolled into taxes in arrears and accrue interest.

If you have not received your quarterly utility invoice, contact the District office 250 766 5650.  Please complete a change of address form if you would like to let us know about a change of address for mailing your water utility notice.  

See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about April 2017 water bills. 

Please make cheques payable to “District of Lake Country”.

If you are paying using online banking, please use the Account Number when paying Lake Country Utilities (for Lake Country Property Taxes you would use the Roll Number).  Many banks require a 7-digit account number so you may need to add one or two zeros before your 5-digit water account number

Lake Country residents are currently billed every 3 months for water usage. There are four water sources in Lake Country: Okanagan Lake, Beaver Lake, Kalamalka Lake and Oyama Lake (Oyama Creek). Your water source is identified on your water utility invoice but if you are unsure give us a call at 250 766 6677.

The water rates are included in the Water Regulation and Rates Bylaw (see Schedule B)


  2017 RATES
Customer Category Base Rate (Annual) Base Rate (Quarterly) Consumption
Single Family Residential $468 per dwelling $117 $0.60 per cubic meter
Registered Accessory or Secondary Suite N/A N/A $0.60 per cubic meter
Multifamily $374.40 per dwelling $93.60 $0.60 per cubic meter
Commercial (Also includes  Industrial & Institutional) Dependent on meter size   $0.60 per cubic meter
Agricultural Water $100 per acre $25 per acre N/A
Seasonal Irrigation $150 per connection $37.50 per connection $0.60 per cubic meter
Non-connected Fee $100 per connection $25 per connection N/A
Unmetered Fee $3,200 per connection $800 per connection N/A

The Coral Beach water system is a local service area with an Okanagan Lake water source. The Coral Beach non-connected user fee is $248.00 per year.

The Lake Pine water system is a local service area with an Okanagan Lake water source.  The Lake Pine non-connected fee is $260 per year.

Ponderosa Road Local Service Area Annual Parcel Taxes :  A parcel tax of $360.88 is imposed on each parcel within the Ponderosa Road Local Service Area in accordance with Ponderosa Road Local Service Parcel Tax Bylaw 694,2008, unless the owner or previous owner of the parcel has commuted the outstanding charge.

Secondary Suite water utility fees:   Where there are two (2) or more distinct premises on one parcel, the annual base rate will be multiplied by the number of distinct premises; except where a distinct premises is a Registered Secondary Suite or Registered Accessory Suite.

Private Water Utility Companies

If your water service is provided by a private utility company you will receive a bill from them directly.  If you have any questions regarding your service or invoice please contact the appropriate utility.

Alto Utilities
10397 Lodge Road
Lake Country, BC  V4V 1V6
Emergency Contact:  Larry Fallis
Office phone:  250-766-4486
Fax:               1-866-643-7116
Emergency Phone:   250-864-7426

East Side Utility
c/o Harvey Lister Inc.
502 Ellis Street
Penticton, BC   V2A 4M3
Emergency Contact:  Drew Allingham
Pager:     250-717-9724
Cell:  250-689-2285

Kal Pine Utility
#48 – 17610 Rawsthorne Rd
Oyama, BC   V4V 2K2
Emergency Contact:  Don Wakeham
Phone:  250-548-4064

Gatzke Road Utility
16844 Gatzke Road
Lake Country, BC   V4V 2J1
Emergency Contact:  Denis Murphy
Phone:  250-548-3438

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