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Water Master Plan

What is the Water Master Plan?
It’s a total review of all the District’s water systems that sets direction for major improvements to enhance water infrastructure over the next 20 years. View a Water Master Plan information package including a history of Water in Lake Country and a detailed map of the 20 year capital projects or download and read the Water Master Plan(Note: please be patient as this large document may take a few minutes to download).

Who created the plan?
Beginning in 2009, staff, Council, consultants specializing in water infrastructure and the Water Services Advisory Committee have been working on the Water Master Plan. The Water Services Advisory Committee is a volunteer group of representatives from the local agricultural community, residents on non-District water systems and residents of Lake Country. The committee unanimously endorsed our Water Master Plan.

How much will it cost? 

$79 million over the next 20 years.

View the June 23, 2011 Water Master Plan News Release.  View the September 2011 mailout shown below.

How do we pay for it?
Through a combination of residential and agricultural water rates, grants from provincial and federal governments and developers. The financial model is based on the best possible information we have and is sensitive to growth, inflation and grants. Lake Country’s water systems need $700 per household by 2013.

More questions?
Here’s a list of people to contact that can answer your questions.

General inquiries Engineering Department Phone: 250.766.6677 email:
Greg Buchholz, Operations Manager Phone: 250.766.6677 email
Mike Mitchell, Utility Foreman Phone: 250.766.6677 email:
Patti Meger, Water Quality Technician Phone 250.766.6677 email:


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