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Water Restrictions

MWW web badge_FINALCURRENT WATER CONSERVATION STAGE = Normal Conditions – No Restrictions – Wise water use practices

Sunday, December 17th, 2017   

Residential and Commercial automated underground sprinklers systems are only to water between 12am-6am.  

Normal Conditions – Wise water use practices:

  • Manual watering in mornings or evenings and not during the mid-day heat or when it is windy.
  • Watering with a watering can or by hand whenever possible.
  • Keep grass longer and leave clippings on the lawn.
  • Remember to turn off your automated irrigation system during rainy periods. Don’t set it and forget it!
  • Don’t water gravel or pavement

Stage 1 – 90-80% of Average Conditions

Residential and Commercial irrigating is permitted on alternating days:

  • Even numbered addresses – even calendar days only
  • Odd numbered addresses – odd calendar days only
  • Underground systems with timers – Alternate days only

Stage 2 – 80-45% of Average Conditions

Residential and Commercial irrigating  is permitted once or twice a week as determined by the Director.

Stage 3 – <45% of Average Conditions

Residential and Commercial irrigating  is NOT permitted


Beaver and Oyama Lake are the two upland water sources that the District monitors to determine when to implement water restrictions. If the lower Okanagan basin watershed is in drought conditions the District may also choose to implement water restrictions.

See the chart of Water use Restrictions at different stages of drought. 

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Did you know?

The average person in the Okanagan uses 675 litres of water each day. The average Canadian uses 329. “Take the Pledge” to Make Water Work and be entered to win $5,000 in WaterWise yard upgrades.

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