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Pioneer ParkThe District of Lake Country is an active and flourishing Okanagan community where parks, recreation and culture services are an essential component of the District’s commitment to offering an ideal place to live, visit and work.

Lake Country is a focal point for arts and culture, as well as recreation.

Parks, recreation and culture services deliver benefits that enhance the quality of life in Lake Country, preserve heritage values, and reflect the unique interests of local neighbourhoods and the diverse range of needs and lifestyles.

The department works closely with advisory groups (PAAC and PARC), volunteer and sporting organizations such as the Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society, Lake Country Art Gallery Society, Walk Around Lake Country (WALC), KidSport, Winfield Minor Hockey, Lake Country Youth Soccer, neighbourhood associations such as the Lakes Community Association and youth groups to provide support in helping these groups deliver unique and valuable services to the citizens of Lake Country.  Additionally, there are many community groups that contribute to the diversity and range of interests and activities in Lake Country.

Annual participation in the Communities in Bloom Program is seen as  a catalyst to inventory assets and review progress and improvement in the community, while unifying individuals, business leaders, municipal staff and local service clubs who care about helping their community achieve its full potential.

With the active and informed involvement of the community, the District of Lake Country develops, nurtures and maintains the community’s parks and facilities; as well as provides services that contribute to a healthy community, a vibrant culture, a strong economy and sustainable environment.

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See the interactive Google maps of parks and amenities.

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