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Many facilities and parks within Lake Country are available for public use subject to the fees and regulations outlined in Parks, Public Spaces and Recreation Facilities Regulations and Fees Bylaw 829, 2012.

To book a park or facility, call Customer Service at 250 766 5650 to see if the facility is available for the date and time you are requesting. You can make payment over the phone with your credit card or in person to the Customer Service Centre at the Municipal Hall.

Please review our cancellation and refund policy and be aware of the insurance requirements for your booking.  Note:  Anyone wishing to serve alcohol at an event on Municipal property must have an approved “Special Occasion Licence” from the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch, which must be approved by the RCMP.  The RCMP may
require a sketch of the proposed licensed area.

Please visit our facebook_icon facebook page.

See the interactive Google maps of parks and amenities.  You can click on any park or amenity plotted on our Google maps; and click on “Booking & Amenities” in the pop up information box for an inventory and booking rate schedule for that particular location.

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