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Invasive Plants

The impact of invasive plants is felt from the local to the global scale. Scientists, land managers and the general public are becoming more aware of invasive plant impacts. In recent decades there has been a tremendous expansion of invasive plant species infesting natural areas across British Columbia, particularly in the Okanagan valley due to the significant landscape modification.

Within Lake Country, invasive plants contribute to reduced productivity of agricultural lands, including ranches and vineyards, and increased management costs for utility companies, government agencies, conservation groups and other stakeholders.

The Invasive Plant Management Strategy for the Okanagan Centre Greenspace provides a framework for Lake Country to control invasive plant species that are deemed as “high priority” within the Okanagan Centre Greenspace and recommendations to prevent the further spread and establishment of invasive plants within this important riparian corridor.

Established infestations are difficult to control and often persist for many years, costing landowners time and money. Chemical and physical control measures can effectively reduce invasive plant infestations in many situations. However, these options can also be impractical, labour intensive and costly. When infestations are large and dense or occur in sensitive habitats, biological control is often the only suitable option for long-term, effective control. Read the Insects that Attack Invasive Plants in the Okanagan- Similkameen to see if biological control is the right option for your property.

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