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British Columbia, Canada

Lakes and Beaches

DLC-9891 Day Trip Mini Boards_PR4_Page_2DLC-9892 Day Trip Food Court Decals_PR1_Page_1Lake Country is home to miles of beaches and lakes, including the stunning Okanagan Lake—the largest of the Okanagan lakes. Stretching more than 135 kilometres, Okanagan Lake defines much of the Okanagan Valley: Vernon is situated at its north end, Lake Country and Kelowna at its centre, and Penticton to the south.


Lake Country also enjoys easy access to Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lake, which draw thousands of admirers each year for swimming, fishing, and water sports.



A Pleasure Craft Operator Card is required to operate power-driven boats and watercraft in Canada – It’s The Law.  Get Your Boat License.


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