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DLC-9891 Day Trip Mini Boards_PR1A_Page_2Experience the heart of Lake Country and stop for a picnic, a game or a public arts show in one of our many parks. Lake Country’s public parks are equipped for year-round sports including tennis, baseball, soccer, and beach volleyball.

Our parks also provide lots of outdoor entertainment for kids with plenty of playgrounds and a skateboard park. If an afternoon stroll through public art displays or our seasonal Farmers & Crafters Market is more your pace, our parks provide that as well.

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Visit our Municipal Page for all the details on which parks allow dogs on or off-leash, fees and regulations for booking parks and insurance Requirements for your booking/rental.

Download the Walk Around Lake Country (WALC) hiking and walking trail map and discover Lake Country on foot through any one of our scenic hiking and walking trails. Take a slow amble behind some of the region’s abundant orchards, or take in breathtaking views of the entire Okanagan Valley from the heights of the Spion Kop Mountain Trails. A variety of views and terrain accommodate hikers at every experience level.



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