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family at Kangaroo Creek FarmKangaroo Creek Farm

Visitors young and old can enjoy wandering amongst the kangaroos.  The staff are very knowledgeable about kangaroos and wallabies and are on hand to answer any questions you might have about various species, habitat, breeding, diet, housing and general physiology.  Your visit can be as educational an experience as you choose to make it.  In peak season there are set educational tours through the pens that you can join or not as you wish.

Also on site are: emu, peacocks, fancy chickens, goats, parrots, a baby albino wallaby, baby kangaroos and potbellied pigs; and a pair of capybara — the world’s larges rodent (up to 150 lbs!).

Kangaroo Creek Farm July 2014Kangaroo Creek Farm prides itself on being completely non-commercial.  You’ll notice the difference.  There isn’t anything for sale.  Period.  Nothing for the kids to nag you into buying for them, no “exit through the gift shop” because there isn’t one, no chips, no pop, no ice cream, no blasting music and no bouncy castle.  Even the bottled ice water that’s set out in the summer for visitors is complementary.  This farm relies on donations and honourable intent to cover the operating costs.

Hours of operation are generally 10am-2pm and vary seasonally (April only open weekends) so please check the website to plan your visit during open hours.

3193 Hill Road
Lake Country BC
V4V 1T7, Canada

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Oyama Zipline – a Big Forest Adventure

2014-07-10 Oyama ZiplineDon’t miss this zipline course. With seven exhilarating rides one-after-the-other, Lake Country offers full-on authentic ziplining that takes adventurers down the mountain towards the lakes.

Cross swinging rope bridges, jump from towers, then soar (the cable length totals the most in the valley: 7073′). Oyama Zipline has the Okanagan’s only side-by-side lines (1500’ straight fast lines as well as ziplines with huge “bellies” – The Boomerang Line is part bungy, part pendulum.

The adventure continues with Trap Door Starts, ‘walk the plank’ style exits, Burma Bridge crossings, and more Double Lines so you can race your buddy.

Ziplining is fun for everyone in the group: the harness allows “just sitting”; the brave-hearted can swing into any position (even upside down) on the fly. Azipline-Lake-Country (3)thletic kids as young as five have completed the 3hr course and seniors enjoy the bucketlist experience.

With stunning views from the 72-acre location Oyama Zipline is just


6 minutes off Hwy 97. Book online at or call 1-888-Zip-at-Oz (947-2869).





Bridlewood Riding Centre






Sip Happens Wine Tours

Sip Happens experienceYour personalized wine tasting adventure:

Sip Happens Wine Tours offers a variety of tours in the Okanagan.  Specialty tours shine the spotlight on one of the fastest growing wine regions in the Okanagan, Lake Country. Lake Country’s group of wineries is collectively known as “The Scenic Sip” and features some must see vineyards and wineries.

Sip Happens Wine Tours features 2 different tours of the area to choose from with tastings at Arrowleaf Cellars, Gray Monk Family Estate, Ex-Nihilo Vineyards, Intrigue Wines, Ancient Hill Estate, 50th Parallel Estate and Blind Tiger Vineyards.

Phone: 778-214-4118    Email:     Web:

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