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Business Development Toolkit

Smiling Group of Professionals --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisThe District has assembled a collection of links and resources from all over Canada to help aspiring entrepreneurs, businesspeople looking to relocate to the Okanagan or current businesses in the community.

Starting a business

1. Business Plan

The first step in starting a business is to develop a business plan. Small Business BC and the Business Development Bank of Canada have put together excellent guides to developing business plans.

Small Business BC

BDC Consulting – Effective Business Plan


2. Financing

After you have developed your business plan, you need to find funding for your business. Many small businesses begin with investments from the owner’s family and friends. There are also resources available through the provincial and federal governments.

Canadian Small Business Financing Program

Community Futures

Industry Canada Business Resources


3. Registration and Incorporation

Now that you have put together your business plan and prepared your financing, it’s time to register your business name and incorporate your business. First, register your name through BC Registry Services or OneStop Business registry.

Once you have registered your business name, you need to either register your business with OneStop Business Registry, or incorporate your business through BC Registry Services.

BC Registry Services

Corporate Online

OneStop Business Registry


4. HST Registration

Depending on the level of sales you expect, you may need to collect and pay HST. Be aware that this may change as the province of BC returns to the GST/PST model of sales taxation. You will register to collect HST through the Canada Revenue Agency.

Canada Revenue Agency


5. Business License

Don’t forget to apply for a Business License from the District of Lake Country. All businesses operating in the District are required to have a valid Business License. The friendly staff at the District of Lake Country will be happy to help you apply for a Business License.

Business Licensing

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