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Lake Country and the Central Okanagan are poised for employment growth in 2013, boosting demand for real estate in the area over the next couple of years. As one of the fastest-growing regions in British Columbia and the largest population between Vancouver and Calgary, the Okanagan Valley is viewed as a highly advantageous place to buy a home and to live. Home buyers benefit from an ample home listings and strong price competition, and will continue to do so through 2013.

Household Income

Lake Country’s high average incomes and strong middle class will provide a good marketplace for business.

Household Type Lake Country BC Average
All private   households $56,592 $52,709
Couple households   with children $78,692 $79,509
Couple households without   children $59,781 $63,969
One-person   households $30,300 $27,773
Other household   types $54,544 $47,266

Owned vs Rented Dwellings

Lake Country residents own a much higher percentage of their homes than the Canadian average, emphasizing the stable and established nature of the population.

Lake Country BC
Owned 84.3% 69.7%
Rented 15.8% 30.1%

Occupied Dwelling Characteristics

Lake Country residents tend to live in single family homes at a higher rate than the provincial average.

Lake Country BC
Single-detached   dwelling 83.4% 49.0%
Semi-detached   dwelling 1.8% 3.1%
Row Housing 3.3% 6.8%
Apartment, duplex 6.6% 10.2%
Apartment, <5   stories 1.8% 20.9%
Apartment, >5   stories 0.0% 7.2%

Statistics Canada 2006 Community Profile


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