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Lake Country has a strong agricultural base more than a century old. The Okanagan’s uniquely warm and dry climate is ideal for growing tree fruit such as apples, pears, peaches, cherries and grapes. The region is known internationally as Canada’s wine country, with 84% of BC’s wine producers located in the Okanagan. Dozens of award-winning wines including BC’s prized ice wines are produced locally.

Beef cattle, poultry and specialty livestock are raised in the area. Dairy producers including artisanal cheese manufacturers are active as well. In the Thompson Okanagan, agriculture is a $450-million industry and contributes thousands of jobs to the local economy.

The agriculture industry within Lake Country is seen to be an asset to the quality of life for all residents within the community. To help ensure that agriculture remains a profitable, vibrant and diverse part of the community, the Lake Country Community Agriculture Plan was completed in 2008.

In addition, to help support the agricultural industry, the District has formed
the Agricultural Advisory Committee, which advises Council on various issues including:

  • Agricultural Land Commission applications;
  • Land use applications which may affect agriculture and the agri-business community; and
  • The impacts long range planning documents may have on agriculture and agri-businesses.


– Farm practice fact sheets
– BC Ministry of Agriculture
– Key references for safe, sustainable and competitive production for crops in BC – Online berry and vegetable crop production guides
– Efficiently manage agricultural wastes and pesticides

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